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BLOCKSUM is a very new typed action puzzle game. For everyone who can add numbers to 20.

How to play

  1. Moving the cursor

    Pressing the buttons up, down, left, right will move the cursor that way you pressed. The arrow keys of your keyboard, and the arrow keys in your game pad, is the buttons for it.

  2. Join blocks

    Move the cursor with pressing [A] button to join blocks. Blocks will become a larger block numbered summation of blocks. For example, 3 and 5 will become 3+5=8. The Z key in your keyboard, and the button 1 in your game pad is used for the [A] button.

    There are no limits of blocks you can join, but you can never split them again.

  3. Blocks destructions

    Gather up blocks numbered same to destruct them.

    When you gather up them, the blocks start blinking. You can add blocks numbered same until the blinking blocks destructs completely. This is the way to destruct many blocks, and to get lots of points.

  4. Raising the blocks, quick block destruction

    Blocks are raising slowly. Pressing the [B] button to raise the blocks faster.

    Pressing the [B] button can quickly destruct the blinking blocks, too.

  5. The X key in your keyboard, and the button 2 in your game pad is used for the [B] button.

  6. Magical block eraser

    Join a block to a special block named MAGICAL BLOCK ERASER, you can erase all the blocks numbered same in the field. It may help you when you are in danger.

  7. The RED marker and game over

    If there are too many blocks stacked, and isn't possible to raise the blocks, the RED marker appears in the bottom. It climbs the side bars while the field is stuck.

    The game will over, when the RED marker reaches the top of the field.